NSU reaches record enrollment yet again


NSU’s enrollment this spring of 10,155 students broke the school’s spring enrollment record compared to 9,931 students last spring.

One of the major footsteps to gain this milestone was having strong public relations and marketing strategies in the past years.

NSU has always had a strong focus on leadership, and that is expressed in its recent enrollment management. Jana Lucky, the director of enrollment management, took the position in August and has been focusing on recruiting good students and keeping said students. “

We’re not one of those uncaring universities. We’re more genuinely concerned about our student’s being successful,” Lucky said.

She states that the team must aggressively go out and get students and analyze enrollment data to solve the problem of students deciding not to return to NSU.

According to Lucky, 88% of traditional freshmen re-enrolled for spring this year, but the school noticed that students dropped out between their first and second year over the summer. Knowing this for the future, she plans to have a huge push to encourage students to re-enroll once pre-registration comes.

One thing Lucky recommends for freshman and sophomores to change is to take face-to-face classes rather than online courses since this has been a common trend among students struggling in their first year and dropping out.

Data from last year’s enrollment can be found here.