Beer to be sold at NSU baseball game


By Leron Massey.

The athletic office has declared that the baseball home-opener against LSU, which has been postponed to March 12, will most likely have alcohol for sale..

Last season, the athletic division collaborated with Demon’s Baseball to form a “cooking club” where individuals could cook and drink what they desire. To ensure this is done in a protected domain for fans, a sack check will be done at the two of section to Brown-Stroud Field. Liquor will only be sold until the finish of the 6th inning.

The Demons baseball crew is coming off a Southland conference title. Additionally, showed up in the 2018 D1 baseball title where the demons lost to the Oregon State Beavers and won against the San Diego State Aztecs. The following day they faced off against their in-state rival LSU where they were defeated 9 to 5. Fortunately for the Demons, an eagerly awaited rematch where they plan to get vengeance.

“We do studies with our season ticket holders toward the finish of every year and ask them a huge number from questions concerning their game day experience,” said Haley Blount-Taitano partner AD for external affairs. “One thing that reliably comes up is our fans might want for us to move liquor.”

Northwestern State University isn’t the only school in Louisiana that is beginning to pitch liquor to enhance the fan experience at sporting events. Southeastern, University of Louisiana Lafayette and LSU are also moving to include alcohol at their athletic events for fans.

NSU is collaborating with Maggio’s Package Liquors to enable them to sell alcohol. Maggio’s is an authorized seller and all of their bartenders have an ADL permit. There will be a designated area where alcohol will be sold. After entering the zone, fans will have their ID’s checked and receive a wrist band which will permit them to purchase an alcoholic drink of their choice.