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Questions remain after Tuesday’s car wreck on University Parkway


On Tuesday afternoon, a car chase between the police and a suspect in a red car ended in front of the Eugene P. Watson Memorial Library at the four-way intersection of Sam Sibley Drive, Howell Street and University Parkway.

According to the Natchitoches Parish Journal, the incident occurred around 3:40 p.m. At the scene, at least one police car and the red car being chased were involved in a wreck.

An NSU student who requested anonymity witnessed the incident up-close.

“I was right there when it all happened,” the student said. The student was sitting at the stoplight by the four-way intersection and saw several police vehicles chasing a red car. The red car was driving on the shoulder side of the road at high speed and ran into one of the cars at the stop light behind the anonymous source. There was a mass collision as that car then hit the car in front of it and so on.

“I saw it in my rearview mirror, and before the car behind me ran into me, I took off,” the anonymous student said. The student then pulled over and watched what happened next.

“The individual that was driving the car that was getting chased got out of the car and started running towards the school,” the anonymous source said.

A second witness, NSU freshman Lacy Martin, said she saw what happened after the suspect got out of his car and started running. She was sitting in her car in the faculty parking lot of Watson Library facing the four-way intersection.

“I’m just sitting here listening to music before I head to work, and a bunch of cop cars started piling up,” Martin said. “Then I see a dude in white running, and I saw cops running after him.”

Martin said the suspect was running on campus toward her, but before the suspect could get to the grassy area on campus, he was tackled and wrestled to one of the cop cars.

A few moments after the suspect was tackled, Martin said she saw “three or four” officers in civilian clothing, but wearing bulletproof vests, running onto campus and “it looks like they are chasing someone else,” she said.

Allie Ellerbe, another NSU student, said in a Facebook message that she saw police running behind “the caf,” a common nickname among students for Iberville Dining Hall.

“They were also in one of the UP 1 parking lots. I also saw a bunch of undercover cop cars coming in from every entrance near the caf,” Ellerbe said.

NSU campus police denied any claim of a suspect on campus grounds and refused to comment further.

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