SGA President Jacob Ellis to run for second term


By Lauren Briscoe.

Sitting Student Government Association President Jacob Ellis is planning on running for a second term this spring. The elections will be held later in the semester and have not been set yet.

“I love this job,” Ellis said. “I love being able to wake up every morning and represent the students of Northwestern State.”

Looking back at his first term, Ellis said he is proudest of improving SGA’s functions to “operate like it should be,” noting that “it has taken a lot of people within SGA to help make this happen.”

Last spring, Ellis said he and his running mate Cherish Wilson ran with the desire to target the student experience and make sure every student was receiving all they could from their college experience.

“Anyone who knows Jacob knows he lives and breathes SGA,” said Caleb Rhodes, SGA Senator-at-Large and Ellis’ fellow PIKE brother. “I have no doubt he can continue running the student government with ease, and as a senator, I wouldn’t feel as confident about the new year with anyone else in that position.”

Student Government is a vital way for students to have their voices heard. The individual who takes the role of SGA President must be prepared to work alongside the faculty of NSU in order to serve the student body efficiently.

“My first term was a learning experience, as it is for all SGA Presidents,” Ellis said. “If reelected, I hope to keep up the momentum of what I’ve started, but at the same time learn from my past experiences in this office.”

At this time, there are no known opponents against Jacob Ellis and Cherish Wilson, but as it gets closer to elections, that may change.

“Most presidents look at what they wanted to accomplish in their first term and try to accomplish it in their second term,” said Tyler Wright, SGA Treasurer. “If Jacob can run with that and improve on a pretty successful first term, there is nothing but benefit to a second term.”

Only time will tell the outcome of this upcoming election or if Ellis and Wilson will continue to lead SGA into next year.