Say ‘hi’ to your new student media leaders


Editor’s note: The leaders of the individual student media teams are appointed by SGA, following a nomination by the Student Media Board, to a year long term.

Samantha Clark, junior, is the editor-in-chief of The Current Sauce. Clark has been involved with student media since the spring of her freshman year. In her time with student media, Clark has held the position of: social media manager, contributing writer and copy editor.

“The more I did it, I really liked it,” Clark said. “I really did meet my good friends through this.”

Allie Atkinson, sophomore, is the editor-in-chief of Argus Literary and Art Magazine. Atkinson has been on the Argus staff for two years and previously worked as a junior editor and associate editor.

Atkinson said she likes how, through student media, NSU students have a variety of platforms to vocalize their thoughts and opinions.

Cinnamon Player, senior, is KNWD’s new general manager. Player joined KNWD as an intern her freshman year. Since then, she has served as the audio productions director for a total of five semesters.

Player will graduate fall 2019 and will not complete her full term as managing editor.

Megan Palmer, senior, is returning for her second year as editor-in-chief of The Potpourri. Before she was editor-in-chief, Palmer said she worked as an intern, writer and designer for The Potpourri.

“I have worked with yearbooks since my sophomore year in high school, so it wasn’t a hard decision to join the NSU student media yearbook branch,” she said.

Palmer said she thinks everyone should experience being a part of student media in their college career. “It is an amazing feeling to be a part of something bigger than yourself!” she said.