Resident Evil 2: A remake worth revisiting the R.P.D.


Remakes tend to be a hit or miss in the entertainment world. While movie remakes tend to try and hit the same story beats as the former title, video game remakes also must take into consideration in how players will react to changes in how the title plays. Recently, Capcom released a ground up remake of one of their most renowned horror games of all time, “Resident Evil 2.” The game shows that survival horror can still inflict fear upon players in 2019.

Gamers have two characters to choose from. Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie cop that has a shocking first day on the job and Claire Redfield, whom is looking for her lost brother. In both campaigns you will visit the same areas but experience different events depending on who you choose. Despite the differences, your goal remains the same: escape Raccoon City alive.

The remake ditches the fixed camera angles, pre-rendered backgrounds and tank controls that were present in the 1998 title, and goes for a modern control style similar to that of the fourth entry.

You can pinpoint exactly where you want to shoot monsters; find new ways to avoid danger; and change your inventory much faster.

While exploring Raccoon City, you have to find a way out by solving puzzles while avoiding zombies and other creatures that were created by the Umbrella Corporation.

New to the remake is the use of life-like graphics with the RE Engine. Every pre-rendered environment from the 1998 game was remade from the ground up and can be interacted with in real time with no load times. Blood and gore are taken to a frighteningly realistic and grotesque level that even I was taken aback by.

While there is still some charm from playing the original version, the 2019 game is a title that horror fans should not pass by. It is enough to satisfy old fans, invite new ones, and brings survival horror back to its proper residence.