NSU bookstore gets new textbook layout

NSU bookstore gets new textbook layout

This semester, the Northwestern State Marketplace changed its layout to organize books in alphabetical order by author rather than by subject. The changes caused some confusion for students.

Brandy Perot, manager at the bookstore, said it was Follett’s main office that decided to change the layout. The changes were companywide, not just at NSU.

Perot said she thinks the new layout had a big impact on students this semester because it used to be easier to find the books by course. However, for some courses, Perot said the new layout helped students make sure the book they had was the right one.

Madison Szekely, sophomore, said she went to the bookstore this semester and noticed that the books had been rearranged.

“It was just more difficult all together getting books this semester,” Szekely said. “Nothing seemed organized, and some of the workers seemed irritated when you asked them questions or for help.”

In contrast, sophomore Samantha Vernor said she thought getting books for her classes this year was about the same as last year.