Hey Macklemore, can we go thrift shopping? — How to upgrade your Goodwill haul


Mary Gaffney

Contributing Writer


Remember when you imagined what college would be like? Did you imagine it would be full of friends that shared the same passion, good food, long nights and amazing stores?

Well, I have found everything but the last one, so revamping my closet can be a hassle, even with Amazon’s two-day shipping.

Finding something to wear that is sustainable and good for the environment can be hard and, not to mention, expensive.

So, on a college budget and in a tiny town, I decided to do the very trendy thing known as thrifting.

You can find some very interesting and unique pieces in this town as well as in thrift stores in Shreveport.

But how do you go to Goodwill and find the best additions to your closet?

Finding a new wardrobe can be difficult, but finding those fun pieces can spice up any outfit. With these tips, your next Goodwill haul might be a good one!

Look for mom or boyfriend jeans that fit high on your waist. Then get out those scissors and make yourself your new favorite pairs of shorts.

Vintage jean shorts are super cute and can be used for any season, especially in Louisiana. These shorts will be completely unique to you and one of a kind!

Now let’s talk about the holy grail of Goodwill: weird, big t-shirts.

No matter how many times I go to Goodwill, I always leave with ether a big shirt or sweater. Those pieces are my favorite to either tuck into my bottoms or tie at the front for a nice, middle school throw-back that doesn’t bring me trauma.

Silk long-sleeved shirts are also a special find and can be tied to give off a “…Baby One More Time” kind of vibe.

No matter what, look for pieces of clothing that call to you, and alter it to either fit you better or make it more modern.

Good luck with your Goodwill finds!