On-campus fashion show will debut next semester

On-campus fashion show will debut next semester

Kathleen Hilliard



Avery Tibbets thought about transferring schools to attend a university that had a student-run fashion show.

So why not start one at NSU?

Demon Designer, a new on-campus fashion show run by students, will debut in March 2020.

This new addition to events sponsored by the University Programming Council was started by Tibbetts, sophomore hospitality management and tourism major and president of Demon Designer.

“My goal for Demon Designer on campus is to get the community involved in fashion and raise people’s awareness of how big and important fashion really is,” Tibbetts said.

There are currently 20 members on the Demon Designer committee. NSU students are invited to join the committee and participate, as the group is eagerly looking for more people to help.

Demon Designer subcommittees include graphic design, design, modeling, PR/marketing and event planning. Anybody interested is invited to e-mail Tibbets or come by the University Programming Council office in room 222 of the student union to inquire.

Mya Melancon, junior, said she was interested at the idea of having a fashion group at NSU.

“It’ll help to highlight a niche interest that is otherwise unrecognized, because fashion is generally perceived as ‘feminine’, and I think it’ll give students who are very interested in fashion, either professionally or as a hobby, an outlet for their creativity,” Melancon said.

Melancon said she thinks the fashion show will be a new outlet for students who might not have had a place for their art in the past.

“I think it’ll be important and possibly revolutionary to open that door for NSU,” Melancon said.

Emily Benoit, senior and community outreach supervisor for the University Programming Council, encourages people to get involved in any of the University Programming Council committees to help plan events on campus.

“The University Programming Council is responsible for putting on a large portion of the fun events for students that take place on campus,” Benoit said. “We are constantly brainstorming new and innovative ways to shape the student experience according to our students’ wants and needs.”