How to incorporate patterns into fall fashion

How to incorporate patterns into fall fashion

Mary Gaffney

Contributing Writer


For the past year, our world has been especially rocked by animal prints, 90s and 80s patterns. Let’s keep that pattern trend going because fashion is all about experimentation.

There are the usual prints and patterns to play around with for every season. Plaids have been a stable for fall since the dawn of time, just like floral is for the spring.

What if we combined the two?

I think fashion can’t be done wrong, and as long as you’re comfortable in your new look, that’s all that matters. Personally, I think trying new textures and patterns together can bring a new dimension to an outfit that would usually be boring.

Have your favorite floral heels? Try pairing one color in the pattern with another on a different piece. If your matching color is cream, pair it with a plaid sweater or jacket that also has a similar cream color so the outfit isn’t an eyesore of patterns.

It can get tricky out there in the fashion wild but keep calm and remember to please clean up your room after you try every outfit on.

Personally, I love animal prints. I can’t get enough of the snakeskin skirts and leopard shirts.

That’s where the fall weather comes in! It’s been pretty nice outside, so if you don’t mind a little sweat or if you want to plan your new look ahead of time, try color-blocking!

Too much pattern in one outfit? Throw a black turtleneck underneath the patterned shirt to give it a clean-cut look, pair it with black bottoms and then wear a patterned shoe to keep it fresh. I love the look of an oversized button-up shirt over a tight black turtleneck.

Remember to keep your accessories minimum so it doesn’t overcrowd your outfit.

No matter what patterns you love, they can be worn at any time of the year. Now go forth and wear those prints with pride!