Let me be a turtle, please — How to rock the versatility in turtlenecks


Mary Gaffney

Fashion Columnist

Spooky time has come and gone. Now our tiny town of Natchitoches focuses on that fat man with gifts, but I like to stay in the fall mood. I keep chugging along with the fall vibes and good times.

For me, Christmas begins once Thanksgiving is over and I’m stuffed with mac and cheese and turkey. I take a long, and I mean LONG, look into my closet to find those fall closet needs.

Turtlenecks. I need turtlenecks. I live by the laws of turtlenecks. Since turtlenecks can be worn in any fashion, those laws are limitless

My favorite look is a turtleneck tucked into mom jeans and a nice blazer over it while tying the whole outfit together with either boots or sneakers. Turtlenecks also can be shimmied under a dress to add more layers to keep you warm during the strange five minutes of Louisiana cold weather.

Walmart actually has some really nice turtlenecks, so much that I only buy their turtlenecks. This isn’t sponsored by Wal-Mart. I just love turtlenecks.

Maybe the time will come where I find the perfect turtleneck, possibly a bodysuit. With tighter turtlenecks, it is easier to layer jackets or other sweaters on top of it.

A cropped crew-neck sweater also can look really snazzy over a turtleneck. Try matching one color from the sweater to the turtleneck and then add a jacket to match.

Turtleneck sweater dresses can be so chic when paired with tights and boots for the days that it’s not too cold. I love dressing in all black and adding different textures to make different dimensions without making the different shades of black look too off-putting.

If you’re not down for wearing all black now that it’s turkey time, burnt oranges and browns are a staple. Brown turtlenecks paired with a white or cream sweater or scarf makes anyone look like a fall god or goddess.

Personally, turtlenecks are my favorite fall essential. No matter what you wear, they bring that nice little class to an outfit and can make any day a great day.

Now go out and buy yourself 10 turtlenecks!