Take advantage of the first amendment

Take advantage of the first amendment

Editorial Board

The first amendment not only gives us the right to free speech but gives us the right to not salute for the flag, to protest war and in some cases, it gives us the right not to speak.

We all have choices. We do not have to support something just because everyone else does. There are so many things that divides the people of this country. As an editorial board we must agree on almost everything, yet each one of us are so very different. Disagreements happen.

It takes a sense of courage to publicly speak out on what one may believe in, especially if that belief will make people unhappy. As a form of press, we face that scrutiny daily.

We persist because as a form of press it is our duty to serve the public, whether the news may help or hurt our reputation.

The right to free speech is not something Americans should take lightly. Most countries don’t have this law for their citizens, but the United States does. Citizens in other countries are dying for expressing their opinion.

Students on college campuses voice their opinion all the time, whether it’s on social media, in the newspaper, in the cafeteria etc. Now, we believe that just because students can voice their opinions doesn’t mean that others must listen. We always like to have opinion pieces backed up with facts.

The freedom of speech does not give someone the right to slander or defame another person based on the color of their skin, the religion they follow, who they identify as or who they love.

We serve to the pleasure of the students, and we will always be proud of whatever we publish. The first amendment is on our side, and we are on the side of our fellow students.