Should you give your best efforts during the “talking stage” of a relationship?

Should you give your best efforts during the talking stage of a relationship?


Sara LeDuff

NSU Student 

Should you give your best efforts during the ‘talking stage’ of a relationship?

Heartbreak is inevitable. Anything can break your heart. We all experience death, loss and grief.

The talking stage of a relationship can either end with a new relationship of heartbreak. You either win or lose, so of course you should give your all when trying to date someone.

The talking stage can be scary, especially if you really like the person. But that is the exact reason why you should try your best.

If you know that you tried your best at the beginning, then you have nothing to lose at the end. It’s that person’s loss if they didn’t see how much energy you were willing to give them.

Another reason why you should give someone your all during the talking stage is you may get a potential friend and confidant out of the lost romantic relationship.

When trying to get close to someone, you should tell them a secret to show your vulnerability. When you show your vulnerability, another person will do the same.

If both people are willing to share and be open with one another, that is a beautiful result on its own.

Communication is key, no matter what stage of a relationship you are in. Honesty can hurt, but it won’t always hurt.

Tell the person how you feel about them. If they feel the same, then we owe everything to the “dreaded talking stage.”



Trinity Velazquez

Viewpoints Editor

The talking stage is probably the most mentally draining part of dating as a young adult. No one ever knows what they want, and feelings get hurt when it could have been avoided.

What is the talking stage of a relationship? The talking stage, as best as I can describe, is when two people are in the process of getting to know one another. It sounds simple and easy, but it is far from it.

Depending on who you are, the talking stage can make you open and share your darkest secrets right away. It can keep you at your most guarded. Lots of people fall for another person during this stage, and feelings aren’t reciprocated. That is why there are lots of “almost relationships.”

I am one of those people that can fall easily. Maybe it’s because I’ve been single for such a long time, but I just get so excited when I’m getting to know a guy. Most of time, he doesn’t feel the way I feel, and I get my heart broken.

The talking stage has let me down so many times that I have just stopped trying. I don’t think you should give your best efforts when in this stage because it causes unnecessary drama and heartache.

You either end up with the person you want, or you end up alone. It’s not worth it. It can leave you feeling lonely and like an idiot.

I think that when in this stage, keeping your guard up is the best thing to do. If the person really wants you, they will let you know. You shouldn’t have to give all your energy toward a person that can’t make up their mind.

People are simple, so keep this stage simple. The talking stage when trying to form a romantic relationship is the worst, but I hope that getting to know another person through this can help with making a new friend.