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My NSU family supports me through the hardest times


Trinity Velazquez

Viewpoints Editor

It has been a rough 2019, my fellow Demons, but we got through it. Whatever happened, we got through it as a family.

When we lost students last school year, we mourned together. When we welcomed new students, we all opened our arms. When we voiced our concerns for funded higher education, better housing conditions and longer hours in Vic’s, we rallied together.

This Demon has had a hard year. I said goodbye to a lot of people in my life way too soon. Some I lost to illness, some I lost to distance and one I lost to a car accident. I ended up losing myself as well, as I wrote about last week, but I am no longer lost. But I am tired of losing people. I am tired of saying goodbye.

There are fewer than two months left in this year and about two weeks left in this semester. There were so many times I just wanted to stop.

I wanted to stop writing for this newspaper. I wanted to stop going to class. I even thought about stopping my education here all together.

But I didn’t. I knew there would be a day when the feeling of wanting to stop would stop. That day isn’t today. It might not be tomorrow or during break, but it is coming. When that day comes, I want to be with my NSU community. I could never bring myself to leave my fellow Demons.

Demon family, I know we are tired, and we feel like we want to stop. But we are so close to the finish line. We are about to enter a new decade, and we are entering it together. We all have lost family and friends, but we have each other.

I am proud to be a part of the wonderful Demon family.

Let’s bring some Demon heat into this next year.

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