Beat the holiday blues with fashion


Mary Gaffney

Fashion Columnist

The holiday season brings events, parties and, not to mention, finals. To cheer myself up and prepare for the dread that final season that will bring, I like to focus on what brings me joy: fashion.

But with seasonal depression hitting me like a truck, I also have found a lack of love for my closet. I’m here to share my way of getting out of the holiday funk with fashion.

The first step with fashion is self-care. It is the most important part of being able to find your own style. Use a face mask, take a deep breath and realize that even with finals, papers and tests galore not too far ahead of us, you are going to get through it.

Now on to what to wear.

My go-to outfits have been sweaters, my favorite mom jeans and sneakers. And it’s been tiring. Getting up in the morning to throw on the same paint-stained jeans and another cream sweater is just not my vibe at the moment. I want pizzazz.

To keep my essentials without buying more clothes, I like to throw a sweater over a dress. This adds coziness to the outfit that keeps it warm and winter-ready.

I like to add tights underneath my dresses to keep me warm. I am a cold-natured person, and I prefer being as warm as possible.

Boots are the beloved favorite of the season, but I also love the look of socks and heels. I love to match my socks to a color in the outfit to tie it all together, as well as scrunchies.

Try bringing out summer pieces and throw a sweater or turtleneck over or underneath to keep you warm.

We are taking back hot girl summer. We are bringing in hot girl winter.