Blast to the past, aka 2019


Mary Gaffney

Fashion Columnist

Last year was a strange one for fashion. It reunited us with our roots, emo or not. VSCO girls and E-girls might be a thing of the past, but 2020 has a lot to offer us when it comes to fashion.

Let’s focus on the classics: the most worn of 2019. These are the staples that will always be there no matter what because I would rather die than let low-rise jeans come back into the fashion world.

For me, my 2019 was spent gathering the courage to wear what I actually wanted to wear rather than wearing something because it felt like the safe option. This is the same mindset I want to strut into the new year with. Just because it’s late in the game does not mean that you can’t change your new year at any time!

If you want to focus your energy on fashion this year, try finding outfits that truly make you happy. Think to yourself: What do I want to wear today? What would make me the happiest? There’s no point in fashion if it doesn’t make you happy.

2019 was the year of the turtlenecks for me. I found a new love with mom jeans, which means I was finally able to feel comfortable and move around in jeans. For the never-ending cold that seems to have plagued us, mom jeans and turtlenecks are your best friend.

To keep warm but also keep a shape, think layers. Fleece tights or leggings underneath jeans and a tight turtleneck to layer a sweater over can provide maximum warmth.

Oddly enough 2019 was the year of understanding how important a good pair of socks is. Finding a pair of socks that match a color in the outfit can keep your color coordination all throughout the outfit. Socks and heels paired together is a controversial subject, but it definitely helps keep your feet warm.

Textures in an outfit can truly make a difference. I personally love velvet, silk and suede, but I have only found velvet and silk. By meshing different textures, you can easily create a sophisticated look.

With 2020 already here, let’s find new ways to love what’s in your closet.