Spring on the florals


Mary Gaffney

Fashion Columnist

Y’all, I can’t tell you how excited I was for actual spring weather. My heart was soaring like a little hummingbird off to find nectar until everything came crashing down with the thunder and lightning.

I’m still feeling the spring time vibes, so I will not back down from my spring time wear. To me, this is war. I will bring out the sun by force if I have to, and dressing in light colors will definitely spring you back to life.

With the colder weather we might have to alter our outfits a bit though, so try layering.

There is nothing that screams spring more than florals, and even if you incorporate them in a subtle way, you will still be feeling those spring time butterflies everywhere you go. Florals in spring are timeless.

I love to take my floral dresses and pair them with thicker outer layers, just so when it does eventually get too hot in Kyser Hall or too cold in the Friedman Student Union, I will be prepared for it. I also enjoy pairing a more feminine piece with a masculine one to create an interesting juxtaposition for the look.

 If you’re afraid of wearing too much color, try combining different textures. Corduroy shorts, suede heels, and lace details are all easy ways to add that pop of spring joy in your wardrobe. I am a sucker for anything corduroy at the moment, so whatever piece I find, I buy.

Corduroy jackets are a nice in between of being lightweight and warm at the same time. It helps you look cozy without sweating to death on the way to class or on a Walmart run.

Neutral pops of texture don’t overcrowd your outfit while creating dimension that was lacking. I love to throw my corduroy jacket over a classic spring piece, pairing it with my Dr. Martens to give the look a little bit of edge. Try throwing on a relatively neutral piece and pairing it with something textured.

I love the look of denim jumpsuits or overalls. There is nothing more comfortable than wearing loose overalls and a lace bralette. Combine textures and see how many outfits you can create.

Accessorizing in the easiest way to add more texture to a look. I have been utterly obsessed with pearls this year and have been wearing them every chance I get (which is literally every day).

I love to layer up necklaces to give my neck more detail and show off my collarbone to the world since I’m not blessed in the cleavage area. (Say it with me folks: collarbones, shoulders and backs can be sexy too).

 Giving more texture and dimension to an outfit can elevate any look. Go forth and frolic in the halls, living out your best spring life!