NSU requires masks be worn in classrooms


Kendall Caple


As the upcoming semester approaches quickly, Northwestern State University has decided to require that masks be worn in all classrooms, as a precautionary for everyone’s health and safety. 

In a campus-wide statement released by President Dr. Chris Maggio, he states that while, “Northwestern will be bustling again in August, with residential life, student events, and all the other connectivity and interaction that make campus life so special, there will be some differences. Protective masks, hand sanitizers, and some distance between us, even when we’re together.” 

Maggio affirms that the safety of students and faculty is paramount, as NSU follows the directives of state and national health advisors. 

In regards to NSU’s classroom mask mandate, returning student Alayna Robles believes that the mask policy is a necessity during the Covid-19 pandemic, and one of the only options to maintain a sense of normalcy on campus.

“Many people don’t understand how simply wearing a mask can slow the spread,” Robles said.

Another returning student in favor of the required mask policy, Heather White, expresses that wearing a mask is a sign of respect to fellow students’ health and safety and that her personal welfare should be given that same sense of consideration. 

White also acknowledges that while the mask requirement is for the students and faculty’s protection, she does not have much confidence that people will observe the new guidelines.

“From watching the news and seeing the viral videos, I don’t have much faith that people will wear masks. I feel like there is going to be push-back and it will be a debate,” White said.

Maggio is confident that despite the changes that are to occur with the upcoming school year,  NSU will continue to provide extraordinary educational opportunities that will enrich the lives and futures of its students.