No one told me how to scary it is to prepare for a hurricane while still in college


Tabatha Bowlin 

Contributing Writer

In the calm before each natural disaster, does everyone make responsible choices to prepare? Such as finding those flashlights, candles, and batteries. Do they call their insurance provider and make sure that everything is going to be covered if something does happen? Do they prepare an ice chest for perishables if they do not own a generator? If they do own a generator, have they checked it?

The list of questions can go on forever depending on each person and their living situation. 

I have noticed that a few of my friends were not as concerned as me. They would say things like how they will casually ride out the storm or how they welcome death.  That is not everyone’s point of view, especially mine. Unfortunately, those views do exist nationwide.  

My experience of natural disaster prep was not the best. I didn’t grow up in Natchitoches, so all of this preparing for the unknown was highly stressful for me. I researched, created an evacuation plan, and asked my parents what to do in various scenarios. I bought two cases of water and jugs for my dog.  

I stocked up on canned food in case of being trapped in my neighborhood by flooding or trees. I feel as if I was preparing for the end of the world. Then the panic started when I realized that I’m a college student who lives off campus and does not have renter’s insurance. I never thought to get it. Losing everything was a possibility and a huge fear. 

Human beings are always told to be prepared for anything when it comes to hurricanes, tropical storms, tornados, and any other natural occurrence. How can anyone ever be fully prepared?

The media cannot predict everything.  They only tell us what is happening when they see or hear something from reporters or locals calling in. 

Preparation is key to your own survival in my handbook. I hope you choose to create your own survival handbook for your needs before one storm makes it too late.