It’s fall y’all, let fall fashion save 2020


Mary Gaffney 

Fashion Columnist  

Hear me out: it’s gumbo weather, so start dressing like it. It’s fall now. I felt one breeze and saw a leaf on the ground.  

 Bring on the turtlenecks and the fun new textures. I want velvet, I want suede, I want my dull 2020 to sparkle with sequins and crystals so even New York City can see me.  

As a girl who was afraid to be too bold before, I am ready to stand out. And I want you to stand out too. 

Let’s talk about texture. With fall coming soon, sweaters are on the rise. The usual sweater, jeans and boots are coming out of the woodworks and I am bored of it all. With this year being disappointing and devastating, fall fashion needs to be spunky and loud. It’s honestly what we deserve.  

Bring back those ugly chunky sweaters and wear them with pride and style as well. With loud sweaters, pair them with a complimentary mask and leather bottoms. These are a staple for me this season.  

Leather, faux or genuine, is a great way to dress up a look even with something as basic as joggers. Even better, leather joggers. Style it with a cropped sweater or shirt and throw on some loud shoes like heels, boots, Converse or sneakers. The list just continues to go on.  

Fall is all about comfort, but fall is more importantly, fashionable.  

Regarding fashion and textures, I love velvet above all. Velvet is a great addition to make an outfit pop in a classy way. Velvet dresses provide warmth but also can be easily dressed up or down for any occasion.  

Standing out is more than just clothes, standing out should be how you present yourself. Dye your hair, get the piercings you want or get tattoos.  

Standing out and being yourself in the most authentic way is the perfect chance to reset the rest of the year.  

If the rest of 2020 is going to be in quarantine, spend this time with the you that you’ve always wanted to be.