A sea of purple: students show off their school spirit throughout the week


Christina Peterson, junior criminal justice major, in the student union courtyard. Photo by Madelyn Dupont.
Robert McCandis, junior, theater major, in Vic’s. Photo by Emily Snyder.
Ali Robichaux, junior communications major, in Columns. Photo by Mekayla Jenkins.
Alphonse Shine (left), senior dance major; and Alex Hattier, senior double major in dance and health and exercise in Friedman Student Union. Photo by Brianna Corley.
 Stephanie Rachal, freshman social work major, on Iberville Green Stage. Photo by Kendall Caple.
 Anqumesh Jeter, senior HMT, major in UP1. Photo by Kendall Caple.
Jaeli Williams, sophomore vocal performance major, by Russel Hall fountain . Photo by Timothy Holdiness.
Raven Perkins, freshman vet tech major, in Varnado hall. Photo by Lora Loquet.
 Tlen Mason, junior dance major, at Fournet Hall. Photo by Timothy Holdiness.
Zachary Keeton, senior communications major, at CAPA. Photo by Lora Loquet.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: Check out more students who rode the purple wave!

Nicholas Carter, sophomore accounting major, on walkway between Kyser Hall and University Place II. Photo by Timothy Holdiness.
Trinity Velazquez (left) senior communications major; and Trinity Ford, freshman communications major pose together in Kyser Hall. Photo by Emily Snyder.