How to Look Hot When It’s Clearly Not


Mary Gaffney  

Fashion Columnist  

Demons, the great freeze is upon us again, but my mood is not shaken. Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Still, I feel like Aphrodite being born from…well, never mind about that. The point is I’m not ready to bundle up again. I want spring to appear. I wish that groundhog wouldn’t have seen his shadow, but we have a few more weeks of winter to deal with. I’m going to deal with it the best way I can: by dressing warm and looking hot.  

How do I do this without looking like a marshmallow? Layering. Now you’ve heard me rave on and on about how a skin-tight layer keeps you warm, but it’s the truth. It’s the best way to insulate your body heat and stop the cold from getting to your bones. I like to layer a turtleneck, either textured or plain, to step up an outfit. Over the base, I either layer a shirt, sweater, or a dress. Using the turtleneck layering method can add depth with your look, especially if you have different textures going on.  

My fashion tip for a boring outfit is to mix up the textures of your pieces. Even if you are wearing an all-black outfit, the different tones will stand out because of the textures you layered together. 

With new 2021 trends, I have found a liking to pair my turtlenecks underneath a corset. A corset is one of the best options for keeping in heat and keeping your figure in place.  It’s a double win for the cold so honestly, it’s my favorite option! Even bustiers can look great layered over turtlenecks or dresses, just find what keeps you warm and go for it! As long as you look and feel hot, you are doing great! 

The clear option for the cold is either a pleather or leather pants since they are a great way to keep warm. I’ve been on the hunt for leather pants for years now, never being able to find the perfect ones. If you are lucky enough to have leather pants (or faux leather), please strut around the cold in them because nothing is hotter (literally) than leather pants. Those pants will keep anyone warm.  

Now layering and thick pants are all good and fun, but it might not always be enough to keep out the cold. I recommend that you also try layering fleece leggings underneath pants or stockings, to keep your legs warm even if you’re wearing a dress or a skirt. Remember to wear fuzzy socks and keep warm, demons!