Student Spotlight: Makayla Lacy is a helping hand


Tyrenisha James 


Originating from Port Allen, Louisiana, senior social work major Makayla Lacy was able to find a similar small-town feeling at Northwestern State University. 

Lacy said she had not heard of NSU until she met a recruiter. 

“Based on everything she was telling me, it just seemed homey,” Lacy said. “Then I went to N-Side view and I liked the small-town energy because I am from a small town.” 

Throughout her time at NSU, Lacy maintained a 4.0 while being actively involved in the Demon Writers Guild and Phi Alpha. 

“I met a lot of people and I was able to show off my creativity a little bit,” Lacy said. “They were very close, amicable and welcoming.” 

Lacy credited her mother as her inspiration. 

“She always wanted the best for her kids and she’s always worked hard for that. She inspires me every day and I want to be successful for her,” Lacy said. 

When she is not busy studying, she enjoys various hobbies. 

“I like to write. I am a creative writer. I am a hobbyist artist. I occasionally play games and listen to music. I also crochet,” Lacy said. 

Lacy was not always sure of what major she wanted to pursue. In high school, she wanted to help people but did not know how. 

“I was constantly flipping through majors, trying to figure out what I wanted to do,” Lacy said. 

She eventually settled on social work because of the many options that were presented to her. 

“In the second or third semester, I got to start working with people,” Lacy said. “I think that is when I locked on to the fact that this is not necessarily a job for me, this feels natural.” 

Lacy said she dealt with anxiety and depression for a long time. 

“I think being in a new place for a while kind of exasperated it. I had to learn to take a step back and realize that I am learning, and I can be lenient with myself,” Lacy said. 

She is currently interning at Natchitoches Regional Medical Center’s inpatient and outpatient reflections behavioral hospital. 

She said it is remarkably interesting because it is a population that she was not expecting to work with. 

After she graduates from NSU, she plans to earn her master’s degree at Louisiana State University for clinical social work. 

“After that, I plan on working a little bit and eventually getting my LCSW license and practicing privately for marginalized youth like teenagers in the LGBT community and marginalized races,” Lacy said. “Because I feel like those are the most targeted populations and they don’t get enough support.” 

She has plenty of advice for students who were looking to pursue a career in social work. 

“I would say when you learn and start working, do it with passion,” Lacy said. “Rely on the people around you and rely on your support systems and the staff because they are here to help you.” 

Lacy’s time at NSU may be coming to end, but her willingness to learn will remain with her.