Campus reacts to selection of interim university president


Timothy Holdiness 

News Editor 

With current Northwestern State University President Dr. Chris Maggio retiring at the end of June this year, the duties of president will be transferred to Dr. Marcus Jones in an interim capacity.  

“I’m very excited that Dr. Marcus Jones is going to be the Interim President,” Jaylon Etienne, a sophomore biology major who has known Jones for years, said. 

“He’s an honest man who will put his best foot forward and is one of the main reasons why I’m currently attending NSU,” Etienne said. “Dr. Jones will do an awesome job and hopefully he decides to stay permanently.” 

Leah Thompson, a Student Government Association senator and freshman biology major, said that she can’t wait to see what Jones will bring to Northwestern as interim president. 

Brittany Blackwell Broussard, the coordinator for the center for Inclusion and Diversity, expressed delight that Jones will be returning to NSU.  

 “With Diversity and Inclusion being hot topics amongst various settings, I am very pleased to be a part of a University not only talking about it, but modeling it as well,” Kaylynn Simeon, SGA Vice President said. 

Simeon said, “it feels honoring as a student of color & speaks volumes. Not only is it a step in the right direction, it sets a tone.” 

Jones speaks several languages and was formerly the vice president of operations at NSU before moving up to work at the University of Louisiana System. 

“I feel that Dr. Jones will serve our university to the best of his abilities,” Darrin Nixon, sophomore psychology major, said. 

“With his experience in higher education, Dr. Jones is bound to have an understanding of the universities in and outs and will be able to fulfill the duties of Interim President easily,” Nixon said. 

Broussard said that the committee chose the right person to keep the university running while they search for a new president because Jones has the qualifications and experience.  

Broussard also noted Jones’ hiring is a nod to the increased effort for inclusion and diversity at the administrative level of the university.  

“I don’t know much about him but I’m eager to see how he does and the changes he makes,” Destiny Morehead, a freshman graphic design major, said. 

Allyson Roberts, an SGA senator and freshmen criminal justice major, said that even though she’s never met Jones, she’s heard nothing but good things about him. 

Colie Plaster, a sophomore communication major and the upcoming KNWD general manager, said that being a Black man, Dr. Jones is breaking a glass ceiling at NSU and that he has high hopes for him in the upcoming months.  

Plaster expressed joy that the UL System had someone readily available to fill the role and didn’t have to hesitate and wait for months to name someone and that “they knew, this is our guy.” 

When it comes to picking the 20th President of NSU, Plaster said that the committee will pick whichever candidate is most qualified for the job, no matter their race or gender.