Students ready for a new year found their dorms weren’t


Brianna Corley

Andre Ashley, a senior communications major, said he received an email from the Campus Housing advisor stating, “things that were not done.”

Emily Ware, Reporter

Students who moved on campus at Northwestern State University of Louisiana were greeted with more than just a welcome back.

“I had to move in early because of band camp, whenever I got there the door was already broken,” Ariana DuBois, a sophomore psychology major, said. 

DuBois also stated the dorm’s toilet wouldn’t stop running and she could not flush it.

“I had to fill out a maintenance order on paper because the online was not working at the time, it did not get done until four days later,” DuBois said.

DuBois noted she had to speak to the Residential Assistant twice. She stated that she spoke to maintenance herself for the issues to be fixed. 

Dubois commented that with lots of issues happening on campus, they have been slow to be fixed.

“The maintenance men are really slow at their job,” DuBois said. “I know one guy was really on top of it, but you have to talk to him personally about it because if you talk to another one, they will not do anything about it.” 

At the end of the year, fees are sent out for issues in dorms when students move out.

“My issue was that last semester we were billed a $65 cleaning fee. This year we moved in early because we are in color guard. When we moved in there was trash everywhere, spilled drinks in the sinks and still had stuff in cabinets,” Cecelia Cousins, a junior English major, said about her experience at University Columns.  

Cousins also put in three maintenance orders to fix the issues but did not receive a response until a few days later. She reported only her closet door was fixed.

“If they’re charging people for cleaning fees, where’s the money going if the dorms aren’t clean?” Cousins said.

Andre Ashley, a senior communications major, said he received an email from the Campus  Housing advisor stating, “things that were not done.” 

Ashley was devastated to come into the semester with this news.

“It was disheartening to see that all those different things that aren’t going to go right this semester with housing, even though it’s been an entire summer before,” Ashley said.

The email Ashley received mentioned the national painting shortage and not receiving furniture until 2022. He stated he still had furniture but not the ones promised by housing. 

“Move-in was fine, that email was what set me up for not the best mood to move in,” Ashley said.

“Housing should meet the expectations of on-campus students that are living in their housing,” Ashley said. “Because without students where would the money for Campus Housing go?” 

Ashley expressed that students pay a lot of money only to move into these circumstances.

The Campus Living Villages company responded to a request for comment with the following statement.

“This summer University Columns, Northwestern State University and the Louisiana Fire Marshal’s Office worked together alongside select vendors to complete a firewall upgrade in some of the buildings at University Columns. The project was extensive and required close oversight and approvals by the Fire Marshal’s office. 

Until the end, all parties worked endless hours to ensure the project was complete by move-in. Unfortunately there were delays affecting some residents due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Overall, residents, parents, university administrators, staff and vendors all contributed to a successful completion of the project. As a result, the residents get to enjoy a safer building. Campus Living Villages appreciates everyone’s understanding, patience and hard work through this very difficult time. 

 We are happy and confident with the completed project as it is our aim to have a safer community for our residents.”