Kaylynn Semien: a voice for the Northwestern State University community


Chris Reich

“As for my major, I’ve always had a soft spot for helping people. I think nursing is the perfect match,” said Semien.

Kaylynn Semien is a positive presence in the Northwestern State University of Louisiana community. As vice president of the NSU Student Government Association and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, she gives back to the NSU community she loves so much. She hopes that she can make an impact on the NSU community for decades to come.

In addition to her commitments to extracurriculars and Greek Life, she is a first level Bachelor’s of Science in nursing clinicals student. Semien hopes to become a labor and delivery nurse after graduation.

“As for my major, I’ve always had a soft spot for helping people. I think nursing is the perfect match,” said Semien.

Her natural desire to help people translates into her work with SGA.

Semien has always felt a pull towards NSU and Natchitoches as a whole.
“Coming from a small city, I felt as if Natchitoches would be a home away from home and it turned out to be exactly that,” said Semien. “As for Northwestern State, I wanted to more so step out of my comfort zone.”

Semien expressed that she spent her life at majority Black schools, and wanted to be in a more diverse environment, something she had never really experienced.

Despite how busy she is with her coursework and other commitments, she always finds time to prioritize her wellbeing. She advises first year students to stick with what they’re doing and take care of themselves.

“You never know what you can do until you try, but also take time out for yourself. Prioritize your mental health. Take myself as an example,” said Semien. “I never thought I’d be in the position I am right now. Have faith, be patient and things will fall into your lap.”

Faculty and staff have stated that Semien has been a positive influence on her peers.

Shayne Creppel, director of Fraternal Leadership and Civic Engagement, has seen Semien’s growth as a leader and person firsthand.

“Kaylynn has really started to grow into her student leader role on campus as SGA Vice President, “ Creppel said. “Once she found her place in student life at NSU through SGA and Greek Life she has really come out of her shell and has become someone that other students look up to and rely on. It has really been great to see.”

Dr. Terry Jackson, assistant professor of the College of Nursing, has stated that Semian is a hardworking and dedicated student in the classroom.

“I had the pleasure of having Kaylynn in my online Pathophysiology class this summer. Kaylynn did what she was supposed to do, timely, professional, respectful and was always on top of her responsibilities as a nursing student,” Dr. Jackson said. “Kaylynn is bright and I believe she will be an asset to the nursing profession.”

Semien hopes to continue being a positive influence on her peers and to make her mark as a leader and a future labor and delivery nurse.