ESports: a home away from home


Emily Ware

ESports is a competitive way to game against other colleges and/or students t NSU.

ESports is a venue on the Northwestern State University of Louisiana campus that consists of competitive gaming with teams and individual play for students interested in video games.

NSU’s Gamers’ Guild is one student organization based on gamers coming together. But where the Gamers’ Guild is for casual gaming, Esports is for those wanting to compete.

“The whole idea for esports is to be competitive and play on teams,” Martavius King, senior criminal justice major and founder of NSU ESports, said.

King decided he wanted to see more tournaments and competitive gaming on campus.

“I went to President Maggio and he thought it was a good idea,” King said.

NSU competitive esports coordinator Chance Creppel is in charge of everything that you see in NSU’s Esports venue.

“We do have casual stuff for regular students to come in and enjoy, but we also have a few competitive teams as well,” Creppel said. “We are currently housing a Call of Duty team, Rocket League and Fortnite teams. Even though they are not considered varsity teams we also have colt sport teams like Apex, Madden NFL, NBA 2K, any game that can be played competitively.”

Students play against other schools through the National Association of Collegiate ESports, an organization that NSU’s ESports venue uses to allow students to compete and fund competitions.

“Personally, ESports is a place for students to come relax after classes,” Jacob Boyter, freshman Radiology major, said. “If you can’t have the video games in your dorm, or have an expensive console or PC, you can come to the ESports venue and have those devices accessible to you.”

“For me it is a place to go to get away from home, a home away from home,” Jake Purvis, sophomore hospitality and tourism major, said. “If you are having trouble at home or if you want to get away from home go somewhere to meet new people and escape, the ESports venue is the place to do that.”

“ESports is a soft place in my heart where when this job was created and I saw it I knew I had to apply,” Creppel said. “It is something I have always been a part of casually.”

When asked about students who want more than video games, Creppel said the venue has different programs and emphasized putting students first.

“The club has a volunteer side of it where if a student wants to get involved or get experience doing something at a higher level and want to get a title they want,” Creppel said. “For example; graphic designing, communications, etc. We give them that title to put on their resume and I will help build that for them.”

Creppel also said that NSU ESports has broadcasting opportunities for students interested.

Though some registration deadlines have ended any student interested in applying for a team is still able to try out and participate.

“If you want to start a team we don’t have or join one, all you have to do is walk in front of the ESports venue. I am here from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. everyday and my door is always open,” Creppel said.

The coordinator can be contacted by email at [email protected] or through discord on the NSU ESports website here.