Pep rally gives new hope during pandemic


Timothy Holdiness

Khyra Hart, Isabella Fulton and Matthew Courville attend the first Pep Rally of the year.

Northwestern State University of Louisiana held the first pep rally of the year on Friday Sept. 17.

NSU football Head Coach Brad Laird said that this was the first time since 2019 that NSU has been able to hold a pep rally.

The Spirit of Northwestern Marching Band, Demon Dazzlers, Purple Pizzazz Pom Line and the pop band OBB performed at the event.

Kayla Smith, a senior dance major and member of the Demon Dazzlers, said, “I’m excited, I feel like with the right procedures, we’ll see that demon pride again.”

Smith stated she is confident moving forward due to COVID-19 vaccine efforts.

“With COVID, dancing was extremely hard with social distancing and masks,” Smith said. “Last year we did this event with masks. Breathing and performing was extremely difficult.”

Matthew Courville, a junior communication major said, “Having the pep rally back definitely makes the world feel a bit more normal.”

“I hope things go back to normal, I’m ready to enjoy college life and things like this,” Kyra Christmas, a freshman nursing major, said.

The pep rally rang in the fall 2021 football season after last year’s unconventional football season was held in the spring of 2021.

Bryce Fonseca, a freshman biology major, said, “It’s pretty cool, it’s night and day compared to past events.”

“More people are able to go to events especially if they are outside now,” Lara Schales, a senior elementary education major, said. “It feels a little bit more like normal again.”