Me, myself and my dreams: an introduction


Kevin Thomas

Kevin showcasing himself surrounded by the items he loves the most, his clothes.

Hannah Montana was and has been my role model since I was six. As a little boy growing up in the American South, that was something my parents did not expect to come out of my mouth, but I was a unique child with a wild imagination and even crazier dreams.

I persistently told my parents and any other person I have met I would be famous, I would be known around the world and I would be the next version of Hannah Montana. Call me delusional but that has been my mindset for almost my whole life.

Just a couple of months ago a coworker at my old job asked me “Kevin, what are your plans after college, what do you wanna be?”

I simply replied, “Famous.”

See, I always figured I would be well known for acting or singing, or even be on Broadway for musical theater.

Entering college I pushed myself to continue with a musical theater major, but through self-discovery and stress, I knew it was not the correct route. Even though those dreams could still come true, as of right now that is not where I think my path in life is leading.

Communications is what I choose to focus on now, with a minor in business. Since I have been given the opportunity to talk about all things fashion for the Current Sauce, I have truly realized a new passion and future focus that has always been buried inside of me.

Fashion really began to become a focus for me when I hit middle school. Middle school was a lifestyle and culture shock for me. That’s when I finally realized where I stood and truly started to care for my appearance more.

I was never from a rich lifestyle so finding clothes that gave me the true fantasy was a struggle. Goodwill is where I always found my favorite pieces. I can not even remember how many times I freaked out just because I found top-notch named brand clothing hidden on the racks.

Finding fashion inspiration was something I always adored doing. I would look through those teen fashion magazines while in the grocery store or by using YouTube.

YouTube was the easy and accessible way for me to find my style, because I could hide it from others without completely outing myself and what I thought was a weird interest as a child.

Icons such as Miley Cyrus, Ricky Thompson, Conan Gray and Hunter Schafer are fashion icons that I get most of my style influences from. They have taught me to expand and mess with articles of clothing that I would not often think of interacting with.

Because of these influences, I dream of working in New York under the iconic and well-known Vogue Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. I would absolutely do anything just to have a hand and say in what goes on at one of the biggest fashion events in the world: the Met Gala.

As my style has grown, my confidence began to flourish more and more. People often view it as ego and when I was younger would tell me that I would carry a disgusting ego around with me when in reality I was just using the confidence I have gained to better myself.

The style I have now is the reason why I carry such a high volume of confidence. Without the confidence I own today I genuinely believe I would not be where I am standing.

As you can see I hold very big dreams, dreams that I know will one day come true. It just takes passion, confidence and consistency. Trust me on this, one day you will be reading about me and the marks I am making on the world.