NSU advocates for Suicide Awareness Month


NSULA Counseling Center

NSU students, staff and faculty pose for a picture before the Suicide Awareness 5K.

The Counseling Center and Career Services Center hosted a series of events for Suicide Awareness month.

On Monday, Sept. 20 a Suicide Awareness Prevention Candlelight Vigil was held at the Collins Pavillon.

Elizabeth Flores, a graduate student in clinical mental health counseling, said the event is held every year.

“It is an annual event that will continue with NSU, so we can bring awareness about suicide,” said Flores.

A citizen from the community of Natchitoches, Abigail Nelson, said she attended the event for awareness.

Brandon Moore, senior psychology major, said it is important for him to participate.

“For one thing it aligns with my long-term career choices,” said Moore. “As well as I have experience with depression, therefore I understand the other side.”

Flores said she is grateful to be a part of the counseling center.

“Getting the opportunity to help those in need, and also bringing awareness to suicide,” said Flores.

On Thursday, Sept. 23, students gathered at Collins Pavilion for the Suicide Awareness 5K Walk/ Run.

Rebecca Boone, director of counseling services, said they have been planning the event since last semester.

Boone said the event helps raise awareness.

“For those who have lost someone to suicide, it’s a way of remembering them,” said Boone. “For those who are struggling with mental health issues it is a way of supporting them.”