Fashion through the eras


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A contrast of how fashion has transformed into something new over the decades.

Fashion, style, wardrobe, whatever you choose to call it, has been around for decades and has always inspired others to establish their true selves.

The earliest times in Western culture that fashion was truly talked about or cared about was in the 1500s, otherwise known as the Elizabethan era, when purple was a big involvement with the wealthy. Being that purple-dyed clothing was some of the most difficult clothing to produce, the rulers of the time, such as the king and queen, were the only ones able to afford it.

Moving a couple of hundred years into the future we move on to the 1900s. Reaching the 1900s is when fashion finally began to be documented and was something that society began to set focus on.

Just like today, we have trends or statement pieces that we all wear that allow us to “fit in” more. The 1900s is when gloves were brought into clothing and are discussed to be one of the earliest trends. Gloves at the time were mainly worn by women and were made in different materials which were said to be worn at and on different occasions.

For around the house, gloves made out of suede and leather were supposed to be worn, but when the lady wanted to have a night on the town, she was expected to dress in lace or silk gloves.

Throughout the 1900s, there were so many iconic moments with fashion, and one of the most known items being the flapper dress. This dress was not just a dress for women to wear around; the flapper’s dress was a dress of empowerment.

When women were given the right to vote in the 1920s, they took to the streets to wear flapper dresses to make a statement. At this time the piece was considered a scandalous or non-confirmative outfit for women, they did not care due to the fact time was evolving.

Moving further into the future of fashion, we discuss one of the peaks of fashion and what was really intriguing to people, the time of disco, 1970s fashion. At the height of the civil rights movement, the 1970s were an era of bell-bottoms, tight t-shirts, crop tops and even embroidered vests.

The 1970s gave everyone the free will to genuinely express themselves through fun colors, patterns and tight clothing. This era consisted of celebrating celebrities like Olivia Newton-John and hosted the start and recognition of drag life for the gay and queer community.

Body was a big deal in the 1970s, and showing skin was the way it was done. Men and women both participated in wearing v-neck style shirts and crops to show as much skin as possible. Along with showing skin, both men and women took part in wearing short-shorts to show their legs.

Sadly one of the most notable and said to be one of the worst years in fashion history is the early 2000s. Though this era did create some iconic stories and moments does not mean it was liked by others.

Looks like low-rise and dressed over jeans and denim on denim were not for the history books. Everything during the early 2000s was heavily bedazzled, a trend that was made famous by a popular designer Ed Hardy. Along with the bedazzled clothing, Ugg boots made their way into the spotlight, which were often paired with mini skirts, generally leaving people in shock with that decision.

Style is always evolving, adapting with history and creating visual moments that we can look back on and take from.
Without these old trends or previous mistakes we would not know what to wear now, but, as time progresses, we do notice that these trends come back better than ever with new minds and better ways to spice them up.