What you need to know about fall 2021 fashion


Kevin Thomas

Kevin showing off a great example of how to layer your clothes this fall.

It’s finally that time: fall is officially here! The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing to their gorgeous rusty orange color and, even better, fall fashion is ready to be worn and flaunted all around town.

Fall is the supreme time for fashion. Fall is the time when everyone gets to finally bust out their favorite sweaters and dress to their coziest liking because the weather is cooling down.

Everyone must have some fall essentials when it comes to dressing up and showing off your best self.

Staple number one would obviously have to be to always have some sweaters on hand. Sweaters are such an easy go-to when it comes to fall and are easy ways to help elevate your wardrobe. The best part about sweaters is that you can often find some that allow you to stay cool, yet fashionable.

Sweaters might be the most hyped-up pieces for fall but they do know how to give you that stunning moment.

Another staple to help spice up your outfits is layering. From wearing a collared shirt under that sweater to a simple t-shirt with a light cover-up such as a flannel, layers have the ability to add fun and colors to your outfit without being overwhelming.

Moving on, lower-waisted jeans are definitely out of date, so pants or slacks are the way to go. Although jeans are still an easy staple and give off that relaxed comfort, pants add an element of sophistication and fashionable realness to a look.

Pants come in different colors to help achieve that stylish look and look even better when they are paired with a sustainable shoe.

Branded shoes like Doc Martens and Converse are an easy way to help bring out an outfit’s style.

Boots are definitely in this fall. Slick knee-high boots are something that has been hitting the streets and chunky boots are also a great look because they add subtle spice and edge to a cute fall outfit.

Fall is a great time for someone to really start becoming interested in fashion. Fall has so many elements to its style that allows everyone to explore and experiment with their fashion.

Do not be afraid to step outside of the box this fall and experiment with your look, but do not forget those fall staples I mentioned. Those will be some easy ways to get you started and keep you up to date with this year’s looks and trends.