Students react to first football game win of the season


Lia Portillo Cantarero

Samantha Martinez on the left, Wendy Martinez-Ortega in the middle and Jalynn LuBom on the right are ready to support Demon football.

On Oct. 9, 2021, the Northwestern State University of Louisiana Demon football team took on Houston Baptist University and won 21-17, commemorating their first win. While the game was not in Northwestern State of Louisiana’s home Harry Turpin Stadium, the importance of the win was felt at the core of the student body.

Samantha Martinez, junior nursing major, feels that the win will motivate Demon players to seek that same level of excitement.

“Our team will get better as time goes by and the team will definitely be better,” Martinez said, “Student support plays a big part and the more people that show up, the more spirit for our team.”

For the most part, Demon football can benefit from NSU students’ support.

Alonzo Citizen, a freshman majoring in communications, believes that the win brings hope to the NSU community.

“The win will give them motivation to win more and more games,” said Citizen.

“The way our team plays right now should motivate them for next year,” said Citizen.

Citizen hopes that this season establishes a sense of ambition for the next season.

While some did not realize that the win took place they still enjoy attending football games and watching the football team play.

Wendy Martinez-Ortega, a freshman business administration major, expresses her school pride by attending football games.

“Our first win is important for our season because it sets the motion for the rest of the season. It’s a good thing because it motivates our players to have the same momentum throughout the season,” said Martinez-Ortega.

She also notes the school spirit that is showcased in the stands.

“I love our football games, I like the spirit that the people have around me and how everybody joins around,” said Martinez-Ortega.

Jalynn LuBom, a freshman nursing major, thinks that the importance of the team’s first win exposes their underlying potential.

“It shows that we still have game and school spirit,” said LuBom.

She hopes that the win will encourage them to seek more.

“They will be more determined to win,” said LuBom.

The progress of the team is seen in every game, and having a greater support system is hoped to give the demons inspiration.

“Keep hustling, just keep going, there will be hardships that they will face but just keep pushing through,” said Martinez-Ortega.