Students react to NSU’s continued mask mandate


Tyrenisha James

To mask or to not mask has been a common conversation among students at Northwestern State University of Louisiana.

Students at Northwestern State University of Louisiana have taken different sides when it comes down to masks. While students are still required to wear a mask indoors, some continue to wear them at all times or not at all.

Destyne Castilla, freshman theater major, said she wants to do what she can to protect others.

“If you feel confident enough to walk around without a mask, that is on you,” said Castilla.

Blake Taggert, sophomore music education major, said he is a little upset about the mask mandate, though will continue to follow it.

“I am not going to fight it,” said Taggert. “I understand why it is still in place.”

Wearing masks is a major issue for some, like senior psychology major Ayana Jones, who said she will continue to wear her mask.

“I feel comfortable with it,” said Jones. “If I cough or sneeze, I am protected and everyone else is protected from it.”

Students are hopeful that continuing to wear masks will continue to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Mason Trumps, sophomore music education major, said it was too early for the mask mandate to be lifted.

“It still is going on,” said Trumps. “If we take as many measures as we can, we lessen the risk.”

Barrett Hodgson, sophomore music education major, said from a health standpoint it is a good idea to continue to wear his mask.

“I know the mask mandate is being revoked now because vaccines have caught up to a point to where they feel like they can,” said Hodgson. “But for personal preference I would like to keep wearing mine.”

Hannah Durgin, senior biology major, said she will continue to wear her mask to protect herself and people around her.

“I am fully vaccinated as well,” said Durgin. “I feel more comfortable with it.”

Correction – Nov. 4, 2021

Blake Taggert and Barrett Hodgson’s quotes were incorrectly attributed to each other and Hodgson’s name has been corrected to the right spelling.