It’s time to ditch in-store holiday shopping


Kelsie Campbell

Holiday shopping online is bigger than ever.

Holiday cheer spreads itself like a virus, infecting everyone within range as the temperature drops and the decorations pop up more and more everywhere you go.

It begins with black and purple skeletons, then yellow and orange turkeys and before concluding with green and red plants, everyone starts rushing to start their holiday shopping.

And when it comes to finding gifts for the holidays, online holiday shopping is on the rise. According to a BigCommerce online blog post, “42 percent of holiday shoppers research online and buy online, while 23 percent will buy in-store.”

Here’s a few reasons you should be joining the movement to online shopping for the 2021 holiday season.

Number one, there’s a pandemic going on. We are struggling with recovery from COVID-19, so it is still a risk to go in-person to stores.

Thanks to the quarantine shopping spree many of us participated in during 2020,
online shopping has become faster and more equipped to deal with heavy online traffic. The interface and programs are better able to handle an influx of online people now, making online shopping a better overall experience.

Number two, more options and variety await you at “website name here.” The store of your choice usually has your shoe in every size because it’s coming straight from the warehouse.

Number three, online sales are always happening and the websites dedicated to fishing up secret promotion codes to get a percentage off of your cart are thriving. Simply search up “website name here promo codes” to start finding new ways to save.

Number four, getting that membership you’ve been avoiding, like Honey Coupon and Savings and Amazon Prime, will save you even more money.

Free trials exist if you have trust issues. Do all your shopping in one day and you may find yourself saving hundreds of dollars on free shipping and membership discounts.

Number five, uploading your bank card to your phone, via Apple, Google or Samsung pay can allow you to get free boosts through the app for using your online card.

Additional money apps like Cash App and Paypal also offer free boosts for their application cards and host other boost events. All you have to do is stay tuned to their Twitter accounts for when they announce new boosters.

Number six, you can discover resale and off-brand options.
Resale items are always available on websites like eBay, Amazon and Facebook. Check those places if you can deal with potentially long shipping times and issues with the seller and scams. You can really find some gems amongst the dirt.

And if you’re in love with a brand but not their prices, off-brand websites are always popping up on Google shopping searches alongside name-brand shops for cheaper options of similar quality to their name-brand counterparts.

Online shopping can keep you safe and save you time and money. So before you run to your nearest in-person retailer for holiday gifts, make sure you open up your computer and experience a far more effective way to shop.