How COVID-19 is changing Christmas celebrations


Timothy Holdiness

Kirk Ybanez, Esteban Garcia and Mary Fletcher masking up on campus.

Due to COVID-19, the celebration of the holiday season has become completely reworked.
Travon Jones, hospitality management and tourism senior said, “I don’t get to see my family like I used to.”

Gathering with beloved family and friends has been something that is an issue with many students.
JoJuan Garmon, a freshman music business major said, “COVID changed Christmas for me because we can’t have our big family together and shopping has become more difficult when thinking of the safety precautions.”
Having family visits in one house is also the main tradition for Jada Bragg, a sophomore biology major.
“Since COVID has been around, we haven’t been able to have them because a lot of my family has compromised immune systems,” said Bragg. “I don’t want to put them in danger because I care about them.”
Students have found travel restrictions have caused trouble when trying to get family together in one city for traditional festivities.
John Jefferson, a dance senior said, “COVID has changed how I celebrate Christmas because with my family being spread so far apart, from each other we can’t always be together because of precautions and restrictions”

“I have immigrant family members which make it impossible for them to visit during the pandemic,” said Tre Turner, a senior biology major. “The rising cases and stigma behind COVID also make it difficult.”

Turner said that the beautiful holiday season can’t fully be experienced since friends and family are not able to be together like they used to pre-pandemic

Some students felt the very spirit of the holidays has been altered because of COVID-19.
“After COVID-19 Christmas will never be the same,” Kamarreo Jernigan, a freshman biology major said. “It doesn’t give me the Christmas energy and vibe I used to have anymore.”