SGA president appoints 9 new Senators


Jason Williams and Zachary Copper were two out of the nine senators appointed and sworn in on Jan. 24.

On Jan. 25, Student Government Association President Tja’h Edwards appointed Jason William, Andrew Wesley, Maya Levo, Caiden Matthews, Chelsea Calup, Alexandria Walker, Zachary Cooper, Destin Lopez and James Gillyard as senators.

Commissioner Lummis announced Hannah Davis as senator of the week.

Guest speaker Rebecca Riall spoke on the new minor available to students, ethnic studies.

Commissioner Courville reported that he will be meeting with counseling services to discuss potential events for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

University Programming Council coordinators Abigail Whitman and Marrisa Rowsey announced that they will represent the UPC at the weekly SGA meetings.

Speaker Kador announced that S.B.F. 2021-01 was revised. Section H was added to ensure all travel must take place between the first day of classes in the fall, and the last day of classes in the spring.

Senators Leah Thompson and Jacob Boyter sponsored the first resolution of the semester R.S 2022-01. The resolution will welcome and congratulate Northwestern State University’s new Athletic Director, Kevin Bostian.

Senators Mary Scruggs and Zachary Forest sponsored R.S 2022-02, which is to advocate campus health and safety throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic.