Modded games are better than their originals


Kelsie Campbell

Modded games are extremely valuable, and they might very well be the future for all games.

I was hardly even 8-years-old the first time I played Peggle, a simple puzzle game, with my grandma on our old Windows 7 desktop PC. I was barely ten when I played Sims 3 on that same computer. I am now 19-years-old and have been playing games on various devices for over half my life.

Though I have a lot of experience gaming, I delved into mods only a couple of years ago. In 2020, I played mods with my friends who have been using them since 2014. That opened my eyes to the world of mods and how they exist for almost any game you can think of no matter the platform.

Mods are short for modifications, those of which you install onto your computer and apply to a game to change any aspect or add features. No one knows when the first mods appeared, at least not specifically, but we know mods have existed for a long time now, being most popular with games like Minecraft. Such mods became popular due to YouTubers playing and reviewing them.

Modded games are better than their originals by far. I would even dare to say I would not play the game with the same amount of fever and excitement should mods not exist and be so easily applicable to said game.

Many mods add value to games which would otherwise fail to market successfully to their audience without the help of fan-made creations marketed for other gamers.

Mods make a game significantly better than its original base model, specifically in the Sims 4 where certain mods allow you to break certain rules the base game has on moving objects in the 3D build mode where you can create architecture and homes. By being able to expand the build buy mode, you can make more custom content, recreate real world architecture and make it functionable in game play as well.

According to, that despite the Sims 4 game’s original quality being high on its own, “in order for it to reach its peak potential, it is essential for players to install a few choice high quality mods into their games.”

Many mods that exist today go beyond simple technical details such as changing the day and night in Minecraft or changing the skin details of the world around you. Now, many mods go as far as adding the whole worlds and biomes to the Minecraft map or adding entire custom content adventures to the Sims.

The custom content creation platforms could entirely take over the marketing industry with people looking to download the newest latest mod. In turn, mods have extended the shelf life of many games that would otherwise flop without the help of these programmers and creators.

Modded games are better for many reasons, being that they are created by players like you, meaning they are marketed oftentimes for free for enhanced game play. There are no ulterior motives beyond a better game play experience.

I encourage you to look into mods available for your game and find some creations you enjoy. You can find anything to your heart’s desire, and on the off chance that you are unable to, you can always ask for a specific one from many of the content creators’ websites, or even on the game’s official mod websites.

Mods are an extremely valuable aspect, and they might very well be the future of all games. It’s important you don’t miss out on the mod experience.