To new Moodle or not to new Moodle?


Made by Samantha Forrest-

With the new semester came a new Moodle Update.

After returning for the Spring 2022 semester, students at Northwestern State University of Louisiana were met with a Moodle update. The new system has received mixed reviews from students.

Melanie Nation, a sophomore business major, felt upset that the student body was not informed of the new update before it was implemented.

“I see what they were trying to do, but it would have been better if we would have been warned about the new update,” Nation said.

Emily Hanik, a junior hospitality management and tourism major, said that the new update has been beneficial.

“I did have a problem with my classes from previous semesters also appearing on my new schedule, but like any other system, bugs can be expected,” Hanik said.

Makiya Jackson, a sophomore psychology major, said the new Moodle is easy to navigate.

“At first I didn’t like it, because it seemed too much,” Jackson said. “ I warmed up to it, because it made it easier to access my grades and my assignments.”

Mekayla Jenkins, a senior communication major, expressed she has had issues with working the new update.

“It is hard to navigate,” Jenkins said. “It looked simple but it was complicated.”

Kailyn Frederick, a senior psychology major, felt similarly to Jenkins. She stated she is still struggling to learn the new Moodle system.

“I still don’t know how to find important things like degree works,” Frederick said.

Tanner Terrell, a senior psychology major, noted that there are also professors having trouble navigating the new system.

“It was not a good change I feel,” Terrell said.