A guide to your must-have fashion staples


Eileen Costa/The Museum at FIT

Showcase of just some of the different style, mini black dresses, one should have in their closet.

Everyone’s closet is in need of a few staple pieces. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a list of everything you need to elevate and inspire great outfits.

Starting off, printed pants are the must-have of the moment. They allow you to spunk up an outfit and can easily be worn with any plain shirt and jewelry.

If you are looking for a more subtle yet still noticeable outfit, printed pants are the way to go.

Prints like plaid are great examples of subtle, fashionable pairs of pants. Plaid prints create a funky yet sophisticated aura to an outfit. If one is looking to step out of their comfort zone, bright-colored pants are also a good move.

Shoes are such a key element to an outfit and can often make it or break it. An easy way to always be safe is to make sure to have a pair of boots. Doc Martens, Chelsea boots or any kind of leather boots are something everyone should have in their closet at all times.

Boots or booties are a big staple when it comes to one’s wardrobe because they help you stay cute when wearing a street style-inspired outfit or just an outfit for a night on the town.

A go-to hoodie is necessary for any wardrobe because it can be dressed up or down. When shopping for a hoodie, search for something that will complement and showcase your style.

Solid hoodies are an easy cop, allowing you to match them with everything else in your wardrobe. Other options for hoodies would be creating your own by shopping for small patches to iron onto a hoodie. This allows anyone to have a more personalized and custom look.

Lastly, for the girls, or anyone interested, a little black dress is an important part of everyone’s outfit lineup. The little black dress has been sported by many people including Princess Diana who was known for wearing her black revenge dress to a Vanity Fair party in 1994.

Black dresses are a cheap buy that allows for an easy go-to look for anyone who is going out to a party or a dinner. The black dress is also easy to pair with any type of jewelry.

Now, with these pieces on hand, you’ll be ready to rock the fashion world no matter the occasion.