Spring forward into fashion


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An easy way to dress comfortable and cool for the spring is to wear a light slip dress with a T-shirt underneath.

The season has changed yet again and it’s time to alter your closets to fit your spring needs. Spring in Louisiana is a wild time due to the fact that the weather is constantly changing.

Therefore, it is very important to stay self-aware of the weather and what you are wearing to stop yourself from being too hot or too cold.

As always, sweaters are a must-have when it comes to fashion and springtime. Layering with a sweater is very important because, with fluctuating temperatures, you may need to take the sweater on and off.

Easy shirts to wear underneath would be stylish graphic tees, thin-styled blouses or just a plain tee.

If you plan on stepping away from the sweater, easy recommendations for girls are layered corsets with a light long sleeve underneath. This style is very in right now and adds dimension and layering to an outfit.

For the guys, graphic button-ups are an easy way to bring excitement to an outfit, and pairing a possible long sleeve underneath is always an option.

Spring is also a great time to bring out dresses and slip dresses. Slip dresses paired with overcoats or blazers help add sophistication but also edge to your style. Pairing this look with Doc Marten boots or a sneaker is also a great option.

Slacks and button-up shirts for the boys are an easy and inexpensive way to stay stylish and comfortable. This style creates a put-together look without really trying, and covering up with a cardigan is a way to stay warm without a heavy coat.

Jewelry as always is a go-to, and for spring, gold is the way to go. Keep the jewelry on the dainty side, allowing for the outfit to be the main focus.

Other ideas for jewelry would be colorful chunky rings. Many rings in this style are often cheap and easy to pair with a one-toned outfit.

Beanies, beret hats and sunglasses are other options to help top off an outfit. Berets with their offset position and different selection of colors can be an easy pair with the chunky rings, creating a more bright color palette of an outfit.