Liam Gardner fashion couture


Liam Gardner

Liam Gardner showing off an outfit that best describes him.

Liam Gardner, a second semester senior theater major at Northwestern State University of Louisiana, is changing the game daily with his fashion looks. You may have seen him on stage performing with his peers or scrolled through his gorgeous Instagram pictures. If you have, you know Liam Gardner is not shy about what he wears.

“If I had to describe my style in three words I would call it loud, memorable and fearless,” Gardner said.

Gardener has always been into trends, garments and accessories but he never really honed into his personal style until his sophomore year of college.

“That is when I started transitioning so I was finally dressing how I felt on the inside,” Gardner said.

Gardner mentions that when he was younger, he found it hard to dress the way that he wanted because his mother would make him put back on more masculine-styled clothing.

“Obviously you are being called to wear the thing that you want to wear for a reason, subconsciously you know that that’s the thing that you are going to be most comfortable with,” Gardner said. “So do not be worried about other people’s opinions.”

When he’s looking for new pieces or accessories Gardner always looks at stores such as ASOS plc, Nasty Gal retail and thrift stores.

“It’s an acquired thing and you have to have something special in your eye to see something and be like I can make this work. Because you can turn a garment into anything if you try,” Gardner said.

Liam has acquired many go-to pieces like a crossbody bag, small purse, rings and self-dyed garments or tank tops.

“My favorite item that I own is a suit that has almost a psychedelic shine to it that catches in the light where you can see the animal print that it has,” Gardner said.

Along with creating and developing a style for himself Gardner also has his own style inspirations that he looks up to such as drag queens Violet Chachki and Crystal Methyd and even fashion influencer Chris Klemens.

By loving fashion and creating his own style, Gardner has learned to love himself and his body and to never be afraid of wearing something tight-fitting.

“Tight does not necessarily mean bad,” Gardner said. “I understand that it can be hard to garner up confidence, but I think it is the most gorgeous thing you can do to get yourself more at home with your body.”