Your guide to the coolest summer looks


Kevin Thomas

As the temperatures rise and the sun starts to shine more, it’s great know how to dress and stay cool yet fashionable for the summertime.

The weather is getting warmer, layers are being removed and summer is almost here so it’s time to break out the summer outfits.

Summer weather in Louisiana can be brutal and polarizing, causing a constant re-check on the weather app just to see what we will be wearing that day or the next. Therefore, it’s always important to stay ready for what Louisiana has to offer.

The staple pieces that are a must-have in your closet should contain the obvious shorts, a sensible skirt, long or short, stylish but breathable tops and pants that don’t keep you constricted.

Summer style can be difficult because you want to stay stylish without being overwhelmingly hot which is possible by just exploring your options.

Skirts can be an easy way to stay cute and stylish because they come in so many styles and lengths. Currently, long flowy skirts are very popular due to their versatility and overall aesthetic.

These long skirts allow you to dress them up or down and even can help you stay cool while having the illusion that you are wearing layers.

Shorts and pants are obvious must-haves when it comes to summer, even though pants can be overwhelming or often hot in the summer weather.

A great way to balance out pants in your style is to stick to short sleeve shirts or light-weight shirts. By counteracting the two, it allows a balance of coolness and comfortability for your person.

Wide-legged pants are in trend currently and are a great summer pant for anyone. Unlike skinny jeans, wide-legged pants allow for airflow to your legs and body allowing you to stay cool and cute at the same time.

Oversized attire is something that can be helpful but may also come as a curse if not done right. Oversized shirts allow for a comfortable yet well-put-together look if paired with the right accessories and pants.

When wearing oversized clothing in the summer, stray away from sweaters, flannels and even hoodies for obvious reasons.

If you want to start planning ahead for summer outfits, always start shopping at the end of summer, because that will help you get the cutest things for the cheapest price.