Ways to stay cool and cute during Freshman Connection


Kevin Thomas

A breezy Northwestern State University T-Shirt finished off with a pair of shorts is the way to stay comfortable during Freshman Connection.

Freshman Connection is just around the corner for all incoming freshmen seeking a future at Northwestern State University of Louisiana.

Freshman connection is a booked weekend filled with continuous amounts of activities so it’s important to dress cool and comfortable. Being that this event is held all throughout the summer, and depending on when your event is scheduled, it’s important to stay cool.

Since this event is planned over a couple of days it is important to pack many shirts, shorts, socks and of course underwear.

The days on campus contain endless amounts of walking due to tours around campus and playful activities to know and grow with other future students therefore, athletic shoes are a must.

Bringing a trusty pair of tennis shoes that are comfortable for your feet and allow for tons of movement is going to be the smartest idea you will have.

Shorts are going to be a must-have due to the fact that the weather will be warm and physical activities are sometimes in the plan. Athletic shorts will allow for comfortability and your body to breathe when it comes to all-day activities.

Shirts can be anything from graphic tees, university-related shirts or lightweight shirts that, once again, allow the body to breathe.

Bringing a jacket is a good choice due to the possibility of rain since Louisiana weather can be unpredictable.

Do not forget to bring nice clothes though, because you never know what the weekend will hold and what plans you might make with friends after a long day of activities.

Bringing a stylish outfit for later that night can be very important. When making new friends leads to new activities or nights out for dinner, you want to have something more dressy and not just athletic wear.

This should include a nice shirt, pants or shorts, shoes and confidence to finish off the outfit.

Even though you are trying to stay comfortable over these couple of days it is important to showcase your true self. This whole weekend is built around learning more about NSU, exploring the campus and finding future friends.