NSU Student Services assist students in every aspect


Karley Martinez

The Student Services Center provides resources and support to all students on campus to assist in whatever area they may need.

Northwestern State University of Louisiana covers many students’ needs to help their mental, physical and academic success with a wide range of services available to all students.

The Student Services Center provides resources and support to all students on campus to assist in whatever area they may need.

Reatha Cox, vice president for the Student Experience and dean of students, is excited to announce that this week the Demon Mentor Network will be launching.

This program will pair new and returning students with a mentor to guide them through any obstacles they may face.

“Every student resource provided is important and helpful, but if students don’t engage and take advantage of them, they are not going to thrive,” Cox said.

Student services are designed with students in mind. It is ever-changing to ensure that student needs are being supported as the student body changes.

David Antilley, the executive director and manager of NSU-TV, uses his position to help students have the most information possible about all NSU happenings.

“I tell my UNIV 1000 students every year to never be afraid to ask for help. We all need help at times in our life,” Antilley said.

According to Antilley, going to the Student Services Center or meeting with a professor in-person to talk face-to-face is better than online communication.

“Professors aren’t the enemy. Ask them for help and where you can find that help,” Antilley said.

Max Sanders, a sophomore secondary education major, has used many student services including career services, health services and computer labs.

As a Presidential Leadership Program mentor and a Freshman Connector, Sanders has the opportunity to help many new students get access to any services they may need.

“As a Freshman Connector, I got to talk to the directors and head of Student Services, and I truly agree with what they’re aiming to do for the students,” Sanders said.
Sanders encourages students to avoid feeling inferior and judged by faculty, staff or upperclassmen because it is important to know there are people here to help.

For more information, please visit https://www.nsula.edu/students/ or visit the Student Services Center at 175 Sam Sibley Drive, Natchitoches, LA 71497.