How teachers expressed themselves through fashion


Kevin Thomas

Professor Oona Zbitkovskis, shows her personal style, how she likes to style comfortably but yet showcase her personality through her clothing.

Teachers on campus are seen by everyone, from endless numbers of students to coworkers, so it’s a big deal to make a great impression when seeing so many different people each day.

Clothes are the first impression for everyone because fashion is the true expression of a person. It allows others to see who you are and get a feeling of what your energy may be.

For many teachers on campus, fashion can sometimes show a resemblance to their major, allowing a more professional approach to their looks.

Business professors are often seen in suits or business office attire. This can be to show a more sophisticated look and establish a setting for the class.

On the other hand, art professors may be different in their style. Their looks may often be something more representative of the type of art they enjoy, or they may make it simple and wear clothes they do not mind destroying with messy projects. Art teachers are stereotyped to wear quirky and fun clothing because that’s how society views their jobs to be.

Ways for teachers to elevate their fashion are to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Going bolder with their outfits, and incorporating layers into their outfit can make them feel more alive and turn up the volume of the look. Even going as far as adding more elements of jewelry can be helpful without stepping too far out of their comfort zones.

Professors are always teaching students to be their true selves, to push and elevate themselves, so why shouldn’t they? Fashion can be such a great start and give them something to look forward to in their day and even keep them motivated for the next day.

Students often find teachers who dress true to themselves or have a unique style often engage more in their classes. In class, it can sometimes be difficult to stay focused or engaged with a teacher, so when they express more through their style it can create interest in them.

Teachers do not even need to be dressed up head to toe, doing something different is also interesting for students. Such as funny t-shirts that create conversations or dressing in their own unique styles that others may find different from other teachers can also be great.

Being true to themselves or going one step further can be a game changer for teachers and their job.