The National Association of Black Journalists to host Halloween Week


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Members of the National Association of Black Journalists at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s Halloween Bash in 2021.

The National Association of Black Journalists at Northwestern State University of Louisiana is an organization that advocates on behalf of Black journalists and media professionals.

NABJ hosts fundraising events such as “Chunk your Change” and “Open Mic Night,” to help the organization thrive.

In October, NABJ will be hosting a Halloween Week full of activities for students on campus.

Allison Darty, senior communication major, is the president of NABJ. Darty took over the role of NABJ president directly after Matthew Craig, founder of NABJ and current student media coordinator at NSU.

“Our goal since starting in 2019 has been to offer a space for students to have the freedom and ability to create any form of content they desire and share it with the world,” Darty said.

NABJ centers around making multimedia content for others to enjoy. From their podcast, The Black-Print, to their newsletter and videos, NABJ creates a space for aspiring journalists to express themselves.

Bradie Villemarette, freshman business major, thinks NABJ plays an essential role in allowing Black voices to be heard, not only in media but the workforce as well.

“I can’t wait to participate in NABJ week events. I love all things Halloween and I’m looking forward to getting to know more about NABJ,” Villemarette said.

Haley Wiggins, sophomore communication major, is happy to have an organization like NABJ at NSU and is excited to attend the NABJ Halloween week events.

“I love NABJ. They give representation to African-American students on campus and they work so hard to inform and entertain people. I’m super excited for all of their Halloween events,” Wiggins said.

NABJ is pushing to become more involved on campus through NABJ Halloween Week.

More information about NABJ Halloween Week can be found on the NABJ Instagram page @nsulanabj.