Letter from the incoming KNWD general manager


My name is Colin Vedros and I am the incoming general manager of 91.7 FM KNWD. I never would have seen this opportunity coming, but now that I’m here, there’s so much that I want to tell you.

My college journey is and was nothing short of exciting, confusing and overall crazy, to say the least. I started out as a vocal music education major and was infatuated with music and teaching people how to sing. With my love of music and my maw maw’s experience in being a teacher, I felt like I had the tools to get started.

2020 had other plans, and like most of the world around me, I was worried about what would happen next. I started to not enjoy being where I was and felt like I needed a shift in perspective.

I wasn’t solely focused on music after I switched my major to communication, so with my free time, I became a KNWD DJ and hosted a radio show with my best friend Andrew. I liked being on radio and talking about random situations and life thoughts, but I knew I wanted something more than that.

After a successful semester of good times and laughs, I applied to be on staff for KNWD and was accepted to be a sports broadcaster/reporter in the spring 2021 semester. Broadcasting home football games, hosting a show every week, interviewing student-athletes, and getting to know NSU athletics was my focus in 2021.

In the fall 2022 semester, I became the sports director for KNWD. I was able to broadcast football and basketball games, while I was making my ESPN + debut as a commentator for a few events in NSU athletics.

I had the opportunity to meet new faces and experience a bigger role in the station than I had before. I was up for the challenge of keeping sports radio alive at NSU, a goal I still want to stay current as I move on from NSU in the future.

Now, as I step into this new role as general manager, I hope to bring a bright perspective into the world of student radio. Seeing perspective in everything has taught me to focus on what’s important and why having a purpose in what you’re doing is crucial to tapping into your full potential.

I plan to make KNWD a strong network of students who love sharing their voices with the world and are eager for something more than just the four letters that represent who we are. Each show that goes on air is another chance for an expression of feelings and ideas to flourish that otherwise would be wasted.

I hope to bring out the fun of KNWD and bring on some amazing artists to Natchitoches and share their craft with the NSU community. And with this, I promise to make KNWD a relatable station that showcases our students and their thoughts.

Thank you to the ones who supported me on this journey of life, and I hope to make you all proud as I embark on another journey. I cannot wait to share the ins and outs of this station and the students that make it beautiful.

To my mom, Becky Toups, never stop showing me what inspiration is. From the time I started doing anything, you always led me in the right direction. Thank you for teaching me all about life and being someone I could share my crazy ideas with.

Let’s have a great spring 2023 semester, and as always, fork ‘em demons.