How have NSU students been preparing for midterms?


Samuel Bailey

Cecelia Cousins prepares for their midterms by organizing their study materials at Eugene P. Watson Memorial Library.

Midterm exams have started this week at Northwestern State University of Louisiana, and most students have been preparing for a week of tests and non-stop studying. For every student on campus and every major, there are many different ways that students are going about studying.

Some students rely on looking over all notes taken throughout the semester, creating and memorizing a playlist and even spending most of their week in the library.

Ashley Mckenzie, junior nursing major, is taking the same approach to studying as she would normally do when it comes to any regular test day.

“I am studying by listening to my recordings, taking notes from her PowerPoints and other notes from the books,” McKenzie said.

Students lean towards the usage of Quizlet when it comes to studying because of the many options that it carries. With options like creating lengthy study guides, writing flashcards and formatting your own pretest, Quizlet has become an easy tool for students to use.

Dell Savage, freshman secondary education major, uses the Quizlet method when it comes to studying but also has their own method.

“I study for midterms by creating costume study guides for each of my tests and that helps me to know what is on the test and better understand what I am learning,” Savage said.

For some students, an easy way to study is just by looking at the notes provided by their professor. Some professors tend to give out PowerPoint and paper study guides to their students.

Jessie Turner, senior biology major, uses the PowerPoints from lectures to prepare for the midterm. Turner also likes to make sure that when she does get her notes and PowerPoints that she keeps them organized because it helps her brain stay organized during the week.

“Once I go over all of the slides I try to organize what I learned in my notes and go over those until I have a good understanding of what will be on the test,” Turner said. “This method is very helpful for me because it keeps my brain organized and I know what I am learning.”

Students are going beyond studying and making sure that they keep their mental health up and pacing themselves when it comes to a week of endless studying.

“I’m also prioritizing myself and making sure that I get enough sleep and time to make sure that I am not overworking myself,” McKenzie said.

It is very important that students find time in their schedules to make sure that they are able to take care of themselves because that is a main priority when it comes to preparing for midterms.