Three important women making a change in the world


Lora Luquet

Dylan Mulvaney began to grow her fan base almost a year ago when she started documenting her life on TikTok and showing her fans what her life is like as she steps into “girlhood.”

In today’s times, women have maneuvered themselves to the front lines of change, pushing boundaries, creating statements and trying to change the world for the better.

Transgender activist, social media influencer and American actress Dylan Mulvaney has grown her platform to pave the way for transgender women worldwide.

Mulvaney began to grow her fan base almost a year ago when she started documenting her life on TikTok and showing her fans what her life is like as she steps into “girlhood.”

Just recently Mulvaney documented one of the biggest parts of her life, which has been her facial feminization surgery, also known as FFS. With her audience on the edge of their seats, Mulvaney revealed her face with a series of pictures done by professional photographer Tati.

Mulvaney has continued to show everyone what it is like for someone transitioning into the person that they always knew they felt like. She has even become an activist for transgender women all around, speaking out about issues in the transgender community.

As her fan base began to grow, Mulvaney experienced hate and pushback from all corners of the internet, but that did not stop her. In fact, Mulvaney always says that the people who hate on her push her to be even better and have helped her become more of a woman.

Another activist who has been making change for the past couple of years is 20-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

Thunberg has become very well known for her activism when it comes to speaking out about climate change, and continuously challenging world leaders about what is happening with climate change.

Recently Thunberg was detained by police at an anti-wind protest in Norway, showing that nothing can stop her from speaking out about what she truly believes in and that it is okay to take a stance against things that are changing the planet for the worse.

Thunberg has even just released a book titled “The Climate Book.” It has over 100 contributors on it, who all worked with her to create something for people to better understand what is happening with climate in today’s age.

Ketanji Brown Jackson is yet another woman who is making a change in history for women involved in politics.

Brown became the first African American woman to serve as a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. In June 2022, Brown was sworn into office by President Joe Biden and made a big impact for Black women everywhere.

Prior to serving as a justice in the U.S. Supreme Court, Brown was a U. S. Federal Judge from 2021-2022 and even before that, she was a vice chair of the U. S. sentencing commission.

For decades, women have faced pushback when it came to being involved in politics, and just like many women before her, Brown has paved the way by being a woman of color on the highest-ranked court in the United States.